Atelier van Dommelen 

By artist Liset van Dommelen

Doesburg Netherlands or in a VW T4        


                  Printing to honour the spirits of all living beings

                                               Art is a journey

In my still ongoing development as printmaker  I went from screenprinting in a studio to an outdoor flora and fauna printer using own made inks.  Developing my print skills under all kind of circumstances in and outdoors or working out of a backpack.  To me everything has it’s own ultimate way to print. I want to find the right combination of materials and touch to bring out the best way the print original can show itself.                                                                                       I also use rubbings to explore trees and spaces. I’m fascinting by touhing. Printing sounds like using a lot of power but I look into the softer ways of working. In some cases like mushrooms or pieces of landscape I only cover things in paper or textile because they can print themselves.                     

Magical moments

When I was a child I had something called a magic block.

When you colored the page with a pencil an image appeared. It is a kind of prepared rubbing making. But to me it was magical. I felt like a wizzard.

Print and ink making holds the same magical moment for me.

Interested to buy work, co create or a lecture about the way I work ?

Animal print storage can be visited on request.

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*intro photo: Portrait in sepia with fresh squid ink. Photo: Henk Kuipers